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Explore the famous Paddle Steamer Waverley with this virtual tour

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The Paddle Steamer Waverley is a popular sight around the coast of England and Scotland. This Clyde-built steamer is a living relic of Scotland's industrial past. Two comprehensive virtual tours let you explore the decks of this wonderful ship.  Ambient sound, (yes you can sit back and watch and listen to the distinctive Waverley sounds!) detailed information and audio voice-overs all combine to give you a taste of life on board the PS Waverley.

This tour was created in partnership with members of Waverley Excursions and proceeds from each sale here will be sent to that organisation to help preserve the Waverley for future generations. The Waverley owes its survival to a dedicated group of people who fought hard to keep her going her over the years; this virtual tour also tells the story of that fight.

For lovers of maritime history, the history of British maritime engineering or who simply want to recall the days where paddle steamers ruled the Clyde, this innovative virtual tour lets you explore this famous ship in detail.  There is no other detailed virtual tour of the Waverley and this software will certainly give maritime history lovers something that no paper and print Waverley book could.  We even take you into areas which are normally off-limit to visitors!

Sit back and relax as you explore this amazing paddle steamer, there's no need to book Waverley tickets with this tour!

This tour has been made in conjunction with Waverley Excursions and is sold on board the Waverley. Whether you buy the virtual tour on the ship, on this website or from our eBay shop, £5 from each sale is transferred to Waverley Excursions Ltd to help preserve the ship. You can contact Waverley Excursions on their website to check this if you feel that is appropriate.

We're so glad you want to learn more about this exciting software!  The following links will let you learn more about this innovative Interactive Guided Tour.

This tour has been split up into three sub-tours.  Each of these take you around some of the most interesting locations in Edinburgh.

To learn more about this virtual tour, click here.

You can try a scene from the Waverley Tour.

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paddle steamer
paddle steamer
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Our tour below decks takes us into the Waverley's former Dining Saloon.

The Engine Observation Area is one of the most popular places on board.  The Waverley's engines have a distinctive sound and smell.

Our guided tour around the Paddle Steamer Waverley takes us into areas normally 'off-limits' to the general public, such as the Boiler Room and the Generator Room.


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